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The Astrological Society of Princeton, N.J., Inc.

A.S.P. 2023-2024 Events

Meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month, October through June.  

(last updated: 05/14/2024)

Meeting Location:
All meetings are currently being held online.
Location: All workshops are currently being held online.

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About the Society...

The Astrological Society of Princeton was founded in 1972 to provide opportunities for the advancement of astrology by means of regular meetings, lectures, classes, and publications.  A history of the society can be found here.

Ken Negus Currently, the Society holds regular monthly meetings, bringing to the Princeton area a variety of nationally and internationally known speakers. An active educational program offers classes and workshops given by the faculty of A.S.P. and by distinguished guests.

Dr. Kenneth G. Negus, the founder and president of the Astrological Society of Princeton, passed away on January 20th, 2017. Please click here for further information.

Alicia Gaydos
, long-time member and Membership Chairperson of A.S.P., passed away unexpectedly on February 13th, 2018.  Please click here for her memorial page.  Alicia's family graciously donated her large astrological library to A.S.P.  In recognition of this gift, the A.S.P library is now called the "Alicia A. Gaydos Memorial Library."

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Membership Information

The current rate for basic membership in A.S.P. is $35.00 (annually). Members are entitled to discounted rates on meetings and workshops, a special monthly newsletter, library access, and other benefits. Various membership options are available; contact us by email (see below) for further information. 

You can register via snail mail and send us a check for your annual dues.  A PDF copy of our latest membership application can be found here.

You can also register via our online form and pay securely via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account.  Here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the following address to access the current membership form:

  2. Enter your name, address, and other information.  In the "Membership Type" field, select either New or Renewal membership.
  3. Press "Next" to go the next page.  You will see a summary of the information you have entered.  If something is not correct, you may use your browser's "back" key to go to the previous page.
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  6. After making your payment on PayPal, you will see a confirmation message.  Press the "Return to Merchant" button to return to the A.S.P. website.  You will then receive a welcome email message from us.
  7. Within a day or so following your registration, you will receive an additional email with instructions on using the A.S.P. Member Portal.

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For A.S.P. Members: Lectures Online via Member Portal

We are pleased to announce that audio recordings and videos of monthly lectures are being available on this website.  This is a service available only to current members of the Society, and is restricted by password access.  The current plan is to make recordings of meetings available online about three to four weeks after they occur.

If you are a current member and would like to try out this new feature, please send a request to to obtain a password and user ID.  You may then log into the service by clicking on the following link:

We will also eventually have PDF archives of newsletter articles, etc. online.


A description of the A.S.P. curriculum can now be found here. It describes the classes that the A.S.P. Faculty has been giving for many years. We have organized the basic ones into a two-year program of six courses designed especially for beginners; and have listed the more advanced ones separately. Often, however, some more advanced students sign up for one or the other of the beginners. courses in order to brush up on that area. The other courses listed offer a wide variety in many advanced and specialized fields. Our classes offer most of the requirements for passing NCGR's four-level certification program.

The Alicia A. Gaydos Memorial Library

A.S.P. maintains a library of over 600 books that are available to members.  In 2018, the family of Alicia Gaydos, long-time Membership Secretary of A.S.P. who passed away in 2018, graciously donated her large astrological library to our group.  In recognition of this gift, the A.S.P library is now called the "Alicia A. Gaydos Memorial Library."

The library database is now accessible to our members through our member portal:

A.S.P. members may send a request to to obtain a password and user ID for the portal.

For more information, please see our borrowing policy.


The following are links that may be of interest to A.S.P. members:

Contact Information

For further information, you may contact A.S.P. by telephone (609-583-4824) or email: